Did Karyn Turk get caught cheating with Married Fox News host?

Did Karyn Turk get caught cheating with Married Fox News host?

Ed Henry, the former Fox News anchorman, was ensnared in a DUI arrest in Florida, in June 2023. Yet, this was no ordinary arrest. Adding a tang of intrigue was the presence of his co-anchor, Karyn Turk, the one-time Mrs. Florida, in the passenger seat.

Henry, infamous for his ousting from Fox News in 2020 over sexual misconduct allegations, and Turk, the newly-divorced host of “American Sunrise” on right-wing network Real America’s Voice, found themselves at the heart of an unanticipated scandal. However, Turk dismissed whispers of a romantic liaison with Henry in an interview with DailyMail.com. “Ed is my best friend. I love this man,” she declared, emphasizing their platonic relationship despite the questionable circumstances.

Turk emerged as a vocal defender of Henry during his arrest, as revealed by bodycam footage obtained by RadarOnline.com. She cited a biased justice system and questioned the legitimacy of Henry’s arrest. Yet, her impassioned protest nearly landed her in hot water, as she risked an obstruction charge from the attending officers.

Even as Henry was escorted away in cuffs, Turk remained undeterred. “It’s fine, I’m on the phone with one of Trump’s attorneys,” she claimed, presenting an unexpected connection to the former U.S. President.

Despite the unfavorable optics of a married man in a car with his co-host, Turk insisted on Henry’s innocence. According to her, he was the target of a politically-motivated arrest. She drew attention to his visible T-R-U-M-P polo shirt, suggesting that it may have sparked a prejudiced response.

While a police report claimed that Henry failed multiple field sobriety tests, Turk remained steadfast in her belief that he was sober at the time of the arrest. In a swirling vortex of controversy, their scandal poses more questions than answers. The alleged political bias and the unusual relationship dynamics make this a case to watch, raising issues about the intersection of personal lives, professional credibility, and the impartiality of law enforcement.

What do you think? Is Karyn Turk telling the truth, are they “just friends” or is there more to the story? We have two sources that tell us the are very much an item and have intimate for some time now. One of our sources implied this was the very reason for her divorce.