Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Recently Karyn-Turk was photographed with an exotic bird at some sort of event she attended recently. She quoted words of wisdom attached with hashtag symbols in front of words “faith” and “freedom”.

I would think in light of her upcoming sentencing for committing social security fraud is making her reflect by using those words — faith and freedom —  in hopes she gets a lighter sentence?

If none of you know her present husband, Evan W. Turk or known as EW Turk Esq and Palm Beach Law Offices is an elder law expert and estate planning lawyer in Palm Beach County, Florida. The irony of this is he too is being questioned about his law practices in this upcoming civil case claim he and his wife, Karyn-Turk is involved with the Finnish American Rest Home, Inc.

We decided to do a little digging on Mr. Turk and found a few complaints involving his business practices. It appears he is quick on the draw to collect retainers but to produce results is another story. So these birds of a feather do flock together when it comes to money for this couple.